Network Design and Installation

Wired and Wireless Network Design and Installation

The innovative networking solutions we deploy have proven to tremendously improve the sharing of information and resources that enable our clients to improve service and reduce operational cost.

Do you need a wired or wireless network?

Let us help you design, install and maintain a comprehensive computer networking solution for your home or business.

Your network is the backbone of your IT infrastructure.
We build and maintain efficient computer networks that result in significant cost savings from the sharing of internet access, files, printers, and other office equipment. We have the skill and capability to design and deploy server/client or peer-to-peer distributed networks.

Our clientele include public and private sector companies, NGOs, and business enterprises.

computer networking

From networking between several offices to printing from multiple computers, our networking capabilities and computer network support are reliable and ensure your network runs smoothly and your data is secure.  We design, build and maintain a comprehensive office network helping you maintain work efficiencies and ensure data security. Our engineering team is backed by unlimited support from the industry’s leading providers of network solutions. Lumena Technologies will work with you through every step of the network engineering process. Whether the project involves a large, medium or small company with one or multiple locations, we can provide solutions that encompass the needs of your entire organization.

Professional Computer Networking Company In Owerri and Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Our computer networking design and implementation go through a series of procedures to ensure we get the perfect network fit for your home or business:

  • Needs Evaluation– an assessment of your current network to determine where it can be improved, or if no network currently exists, a determination of the best network design that will suit your requirements
  • Network Installation – deploying the best wireless or wired solution to fit your unique data needs
  • Network Monitoring – proactive monitoring of your network so issues can be corrected before they become a problem

Our computer networking service is just part of our complete business computer IT services that will keep your business running smoothly and hassle free.  Let Lumena Technologies help you create a reliable IT Network and keep it performing at its best.

Lumena Technologies offers the following network-engineering solutions;    

  • Wired and Wireless Network Design
  • Wired and Wireless Network Installation
  • Implementation
  • Training Services
  • Administration and Management for single-site and enterprise-wide networks

Wireless Network Design and Installation

Our engineers design and install the perfect wireless network for your home or business based on your requirements or after determining the best network layout that will suit your premises.

wireless netowrk installation
wired etnernet installation

Wired Ethernet Installation

For  businesses who prefer a wired network over a wireless network, we will install and configure  wired Ethernet networks according to international standards.

Wireless and Wired Network Administration and Management

Our engineers are available to provide you with on-site and off-site support related to your networks. We work round the clock to monitor your network for all sorts of irregularities and fix any issues that may arise.

wired and wireless network management

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