5 Web Design Trends for 2018

best web design trends 2018

The impacts of the following web design trends can already be felt on websites across the internet and that is the reason why we gave several examples of websites implementing the trends. Keep reading and find out more about these trends and the benefits they may have on your own website.


The basic concepts of most websites are:

  • use the top navigation menu to find more pages
  • scroll down to read more
  • click buttons for more information

Designers are now free to implement some changes to this by making use of grids and layouts to create unexpected changes and asymmetrical balance to captivate their audience.

Leen Heyne

wen design trends 2018 assymetry



Playground Creative Digital Agency

best web design trends 2018




Designers have been changing the norm in making use of videos on websites. There will be an increased use of eexperimental video such as particle backgrounds, virtual or augmented realities, cinematographs and animated thumbnail images.


Huffington Post Highline



Nissan Micra




We’re going to see designers incorporate more micro interactions in their designs. This implies that designers are going to use are going to implement the use of animations as a way of rewarding or signaling visitors that engage more properly with their website. This change from the norm will surprise and delight visitors as they engage with less obvious elements on the site.


Untold Digital


Zero NYC




Utilizing the hand-drawn trend gives designers the chance to put a personal spin to the website as opposed to making use of stock images. This does not imply making all the illustrations on a website totally from scratch, but you can make use of hand-drawn elements such as images, text etc.



web design trends of 2018 hand-drawn elements


Mellow Mushroom

web design trends of 2018 hand-drawn elements 2




Moving into 2018, most web designers will want to round some of the edges on websites and bring back the 3D layering of Material Design.

It’s also ok to give your shapes some movement and depth too.



web design trends 2018 fluid shapes 1


Fyne Digital Creative

web design trends 2018 fluid shapes





Article Name
5 Web Design Trends of 2018
The following web design trends have already started to leave their impression on the web, which is why there are already some cool examples of these trends in action.

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