Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding and Brand Identity Creation

We create compelling corporate branding strategies for Nigeria’s finest clients and we deliver strong memorable brand identities.

Corporate Branding For Businesses And Agencies

Companies that succeed are the ones that pair the best products or services with a thoughtfully developed brand. From logo design to corporate identity creation, we help clients develop a consistent brand tone and message across multiple marketing channels. We’re idea people who specialize in creating the stuff that makes people notice your business.



Branding Agency In Port Harcourt, Rivers State and Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria – Lumena.


The Corporate Branding services we offer at Lumena include:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Naming
  • Stationery Design
  • Logo Design/ Brand Identity Design
  • Design of brochures, flyers, magazines etc.
  • Packaging
  • Product Design


Our Corporate Branding Guidelines

Creating a corporate brand identity for a client is a gradual process involving effective collaboration between the client and Lumena corporate branding, digital marketing and web design team.

We undertake several steps to ensure success of every branding project;


  • Step 1: Client Objectives and Familiarization:

This stage involves familiarizing ourselves with the project by analyzing materials and carrying out meetings with the client in order to create a framework for the project.

After coming up with a project time-frame, we will review the client’s competitors and other publications and materials provided by the client.

Lumena will create a framework of the objectives and goals of the project.

We will make this framework available to the client who can then make any alterations in readiness for step 2.


  • Step 2: Brand Framework Development:

We work with our client to deduce a brand strategy. We make use of the client company’s goals, objectives, values, goods and services to create a unique identity framework.


  • Step 3: Design Samples:

Based on information from the identity framework, Lumena will design 2 new graphic samples. The samples will be provided to the client. After the client has made his choice, the chosen sample will be developed further.


  • Step 4: Logo Design:

Using appropriate color palettes, fonts and graphics, a final design will be created which will be presented to the client for his review and feedback. After the client has approved of the design, variants of the logo in various formats will be produced for other applications.


  • Step 5: Products Design:

Lumena will create designs to showcase possible applications of the graphic materials. The materials to be produced will be discussed with the client and produced after being agreed upon.

Such applications include: desktop and mobile wallpapers, stationery such as business cards, letterheads, envelops, notepads and Identity Cards.


  • Step 6: Documentation

Lumena will provide the client with a pdf document outlining the branding strategies used. The document will include details such as fonts, color palette, scale and guidelines on recreating the graphics. This document is meant for use by the client’s staff.

Some Corporate Branding Projects

Corporate brand identity creation project for Alga Konsult Ltd.

Corporate Brand Creation For Alga Konsult Limited

Corporate Branding and Stationery Design For An Oil Servicing Firm

Business Card and Corporate Identity Creation for Okhsons

Corporate Brand Creation For Okhsons

Corporate Branding and Stationery Design For An Interior Design Agency

logo design proejct for okhsons

Logo Design For Okhsons

Logo Design For An Interior Decoration Firm - Okhsons

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