Corporate Branding Questionnaire

Lumena Corporate Branding Questionnaire

This questionnaire will help us gain insights into your business to create the PERFECT corporate brand for your business.

Corporate Branding Questionnaire

Thank You for giving Lumena the opportunity to work with you towards creating a corporate branding identity for your business. I’m certain that we will be able to create a perfect representation of your business.

A Corporate Branding Identity provides your business with guidelines, strategies and assets to give your business an edge over competitors and be able to create a lasting impression in the minds of your target market.

Logo Design, Business Card, Stationery, flyers et cetera are all constituents of a business’ branding strategy.

For the creation of your brand identity, the more I know about your business, your product, or your service the better we are able to isolate and focus on an appropriate design solution that will enable you market yourself more successfully. Please don’t assume I’ll be familiar with any of your industry terminology or process, feel free to elaborate where necessary.

This process allows us to design from an informed perspective and also helps you think through not just what you like but what your audience will find relevant and captivating, what will engage a potential customer and thus make your business more successful.

Please think thoroughly through these questions with careful attention to detail.


    Who Are You?

    Your Objectives:

    Target Market:


    Success Criteria:

    Project Voice:


    Gauging Perception:

    Color Preferences:

    Additional Input:



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