5 Digital Marketing Mistakes That Can Kill a Business

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Marketing strategies are as old as the act of doing business itself. It is part and parcel for doing business. No business is a good business until it receives a significant level of patronage and marketing strategies are one of your surest bets of pushing your business to the forefront. The internet has helped bridged a lot of gaps that was imminent in commerce. You don’t need to have knowledge of coding and programming as all you need to do is to employ the services of a good ecommerce development company or magento ecommerce agency. These agencies are specialist in ecommerce and you are assured of the best services.

Even with the best of services, you can still be on the wrong track when you are not constantly looking at the drawn up plan on the board. Sometimes, the mistakes may start from before the plan was drawn on the board. There are tons of marketing strategies but for the sake of this article, we will be looking at digital marketing. Digital marketing is the marketing strategy that involves the use of the internet to promote one’s business, product or service. Just like every marketing strategy, digital marketing is bound to flip when you don’t understand the pros and cons of what it takes. This article will enlighten you on five digital marketing strategies that can kill your business.


Underestimating Social Media

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If you are a marketer still guilty of this then you need to go back to marketing school. Only search engines come close to competing with social media platforms for traffic. Even fraudsters have taken to social media because they have seen the potential it has. A good number of up and coming brands may not be able to afford the cost of running a website or blog have taken solace in social media. Your digital marketing strategy may not be living up to expectations probably because you are yet to integrate social media platforms you it. There is hardly a type of human being you are looking that you won’t find on social media.


Sending Mails That are Unoptimized

digital marketing email marketing

First of all, you are not the only firm doing what you are currently doing. That means that you are not the only firm sending mails to that individual. In this regard, you should make sure your mails are short, descriptive and simple all in one. When someone subscribes to your newsletter, don’t kill them with too much and too bulky mails. If you continue doing this, you may end up being spammed and this could be the beginning of your digital marketing campaign’s failure. Everything contained in your mail should serve a particular purpose to the prospect.


Not Keeping Records

This should be number one on your digital marketing campaign list. If you can properly keep records of your marketing campaigns, your prospects and converts, you will be in a better position to pick a more effective digital marketing strategy. Furthermore, keeping records will enable send the right type of information to the right type of prospects such that that information will be related to his needs? Thanks to the level of advancement of the internet, you can now get information about your prospects by politely asking them to fill online surveys or registering on your website using their social media accounts.


Overkilling Your Call to Action

This is business for crying out loud. I have missed out on some great contents (and I was glad I did) because they thought that scaring me with some fireworks like call to action button. I won’t call it a call to action button because buttons don’t scare or irritate people. The call to action buttons was in my opinion more than the content. Furthermore, the call to action button was all over the place and was changing colors like an animation. If you are guilty of this, then you need a change of plan unless you are selling things related to kids. Even kids will be scared by what I saw. Instead of making an over towering call to action button, you can create a descriptive content with proper explanation on how to go about the call to action.


Awful and Horrible Landing Pages

This is also in line with the call to action. Web operators have no idea how annoying how we went users feel when the content of an Ad compels us to take the call to action. We decided to take the call to action only to be led to an awful looking landing page that is not optimized, slow and full of irrelevant. If I were to be a marketer, I will not market your business unless I certify your business and landing page to be top notch. Before you sell yourself (start a marketing strategy) put your house (website) in order else your digital marketing strategy will be a waste.

Most times, the failure we experience in digital marketing may be actually due to the process not with the strategy. Sometimes, your mistake may be because you have not identified the right route for your marketing campaign or that you are overdoing your marketing campaign. Keeping things simple is the best as it helps you get a grip on things and you don’t have to rush it.


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