How Innovation In Networking Can Boost Your Business

The thriving utilization of innovative thoughts is not only good but also fundamental to a business being able to advance its course of actions, get innovative ideas as well as enhanced products and services to the marketplace, enlarge its effectiveness and, for the most part, develop its productivity. As this will not only boost the business but also sell the business to the prospective customers.

In this 21st century, marketplaces in all ramifications are becoming exceedingly competitive especially with the latest marketing customs, which allows for extensive admittance to up-to-the-minute technologies as well as the greater than before buy and sell method, which has also increased the information allotment opportunities. Whether it is an e-commerce development in an expert ecommerce web development company or some other business, the effort is real!

It is for this reason that this article offers to elucidate how innovation in networking can boost your business.

Professor Ronald Burt of the University of Chicago once said, “Innovation is not necessarily born out of individual genius. Instead, he demonstrates that individuals, who build various networks, so that they themselves become bridges (brokers) connecting dissimilar social or professional groups, are at larger risk of having a superior idea. Moreover, this is so because an idea that is unexciting in one group can be a priceless insight into another.  This made the professor to say that innovators are not necessarily exceptionally smart people with creative minds, they can be just like every other people, but with added efforts in doing things differently by mixing with a wide variety of individuals who are not just their close friends and not just talkers but conscientious listeners.

Following the above, here are the five (5) key things you need to know about Networking:

  • Networking is not just a process but also a major skill for business development. This explains that you need to buff up your social skills to boost your business. How then do I buff up my skill?

First, you need to know your capabilities. Knowing what you can do helps you to understand your limit and understanding your limit helps you to work round your strength and devising a way to break the limit.

Secondly, you need to know what you are doing presently. Is what you are doing presently the best you can offer? If not, find an innovative way to do them and if yes, enhance them.

Thirdly, you need to know what you are looking for. Knowing what you are looking for helps you to work your way around getting there and working your way around getting there helps you develop more skills.

  • Speaking is good, but listening is better.


This explains that if networks are fundamental to novelty then networking is not just a key special dexterity, but also a proficiency that is not in a world of its own. It does not center on what you have to utter and neither does it center on the thought you want to formulate, but it is vital to incorporate the ideas of other people from diverse environments in the discovery of innovative resolutions to problems. The importance of this is that there is greater opportunity for shared innovation. It is in a view to this that Richard Florida of the University of Toronto asserts that:

Networking is not on the subject of working a room at professional functions or any other private of public places, but in sharing from the view of others because you never know where a good idea might come from.

  • Receiving is good, but giving is better.

This presupposes that networking ought to be about giving rather than receiving. A lot of people only value us because of what we have to offer them. but the rule here is that you should not try to maneuver people to get what you want out of them. The most excellent operate an unfasten mind about who they are relating to, why they are relating to them, and what they look forward to gaining in the course of the business.


How then can innovation in networking boost your business?

  • Improve or replace the business course of action to augment optimal productivity and efficiency and;
  • Develop exclusively fresh and enhanced products and services, which can repeatedly meet speedily shifting and promiscuous customer demands;
  • Allow the business to broaden the choice or superiority of existing products or services;
  • Add worth to the obtainable products, services or markets to make a distinction between the business and its competitors
  • Increase the perceived value of the products, services or markets to the customers and markets
  • Converse with people, lend a hand of help to them and get occupied in their lives.

The foregoing will help you to:

  • Avert declining productivity and efficiency
  • Be more competitive
  • Increase turnover and improve profitability
  • Reduce costs
  • Erect the value of your brand
  • Establish new partnerships and relationships
  • Gain a stronger course of the business.

There are many other significant sources businesses can use to generate new ideas from, but one of the most important things to be done is to fashion innovative surroundings and give confidence to imaginative thinking. Therefore, you need to create an accommodating environment in which people feel free to express their ideas without the risk of criticism or ridicule and do not penalize people who failed while trying new ideas.

“Innovative thinkers are not at all times those with the most extraordinary catalog of qualifications, so do not overlook the not fully formed people, while trying to innovatively grow your business.”

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