Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Branding

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In a context of strong competition, each company must seek to differentiate itself in the eyes of its customers or prospects. This goes through the valuation of its brand image. How to generate a valued and lasting brand image over time? Taking advantage of customer knowledge and questionnaires are some of the things you should not overlook.


What determines the brand image of a company?

Brand image refers to the set of mental / emotional representations and value judgments associated with a company or brand. The brand image can, in its concept, be close to the concept of “reputation”. The issue of branding has gained increasing importance in the marketing sector. For at least one simple reason: the economic world is dominated by often fierce competition. The number of “suppliers” has increased considerably, partly because of globalization. So, how to capture such a disputed market? By returning a quality brand image that differentiates positively from its competitors.


You can build your brand image with over-media coverage, for example by investing huge sums in advertising. But this strategy is often based on elements that are not concrete in terms of supply and also lack transparency or reality about the brand. One thing is certain, this is not within the reach of all companies, and ultimately is not the best way to build its brand.


The true determinants of branding

A company, to build a sustainable brand image, must necessarily meet two conditions:     Suggest “good” products.   Offer a service (in the broad sense) of quality. Concretely, it is customer satisfaction that contributes the most to branding, and if they are, they could even become your best promoters by recommending you.

A company that sells quality products and whose service is efficient will succeed in generating a positive reputation that, over time, will be transformed into a brand image valued by all. In the age of social networks where the customer has a platform to express themselves, we can no longer “lie” to its customers and prospects, hence the secondary character of advertising in creating a good image brand.


Building your brand image from a customer-centric perspective

 You have to bet on customer satisfaction. As a result, the question is shifting from “how to improve your brand image? To “how to improve customer satisfaction? “ We have just answered this second question: by offering “good” products and a quality service. Marketing has moved from a product-centric vision to a customer-centric vision.

What counts is not so much to offer “good” products but to offer products appreciated by the customers, adapted to a determined clientele. The subjective opinion of customers on the products counts more than the intrinsic and objective characteristics related to these same products (ergonomics, aesthetics, functionalities, etc.). If you want to improve your brand, you have to look to your customers and ask them what is right for them and, conversely, what annoys them.


Customer questionnaires to drive your brand image

A customer-centric approach requires the implementation of customer knowledge and customer listening tools. You need to know your customers better and be attentive to their needs, their opinions, their ideas. How? Using intelligent questionnaires, which you can design, set up and manage with a customer knowledge solution.


Questionnaires should be designed both as:

Satisfaction measurement tools: they allow to know in real time if your customers are satisfied or not, example with the NPS.

Piloting tools: your customers, in the questionnaires, can give you ideas to improve your service or your products, can alert you about malfunctions, etc. The questionnaires, if they are well designed, are intended to constitute for you a precious instrument of decision support with a view to improving customer satisfaction, and more broadly to optimizing its brand image.


In the analysis of the answers to your questionnaires, identify the elements that generate a great satisfaction on the side of your customers and which make your added value. In the same spirit, do not hesitate to ask questions about your competitors to know what your customers prefer at home compared to the competition, or on the contrary what they prefer in the competition. The answers provided will help you to better position yourself in the market.



Better customer knowledge

Better customer knowledge improves its products and services (by creating a better match with the needs and expectations expressed by customers) and therefore satisfying them. A customer satisfaction at the rendezvous makes it possible to value its brand image. The questionnaires also make it possible to identify its strong points, and then to value them in its communication. Logo and slogan


Admittedly, for a brand image to be “recognized”, customer knowledge is not everything. Your company must be clearly identifiable and memorable in the customer’s mind, so finding a good logo and a strong slogan also plays an important role in seo agency and wordpress development. However, the centrality of customer satisfaction is at the base of the construction of a brand image, and remains valued over time.

AfyWorld brand corporate branding and logo design in owerri

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How to work on your brand online?

 Ø  Dark digital communities: Being interested immediately in new technologies opens you to the world.

 Ø  Storytelling on Snapchat: The tools to position oneself commercially or not, on a large scale, are now accessible to all. This leads to an enormous democratization.

 Ø  Facebook at Work? The use of social media among employees is the subject of more and more strategies.



10 tips to improve your personal brand 

Ø  Try a new social media from time to time

Ø  Manage your profile completely on LinkedIn and compose your digital business card from there

Ø  Themed blogs are ‘in’, the general blog is ‘has been’

Ø  Do not tweet about political topics

Ø  Do not fan your frustrations

Ø  Test the storytelling via Snapchat

Ø  Customize your retweets

Ø  Search social media info … on social networks

Ø  Learn to produce movies and livestreaming

Ø  Be your company’s social media ambassador

social media brand



10 common mistakes made on social networks

 1.   Offer too many iPads: Many companies regularly organize actions on social media where you can, in exchange for a ‘like’, win an iPad or something like that. Many fans come only for that

 2.   Use the logos: Social media is used to connect with customers. But talking to a logo gives a strange feeling. It is better to use the photo profile of a collaborator

 3.   Automatic publication of content: You can link business accounts across social networks to each other, and publishing takes less time. For example, a message on LinkedIn can be sent automatically via Twitter. You can link the Twitter account to Facebook and post the same message at once on both sites.

 4.   Do not follow the Facebook guidelines: In the past, Facebook has already removed a few pages of companies because of non-compliance with the guidelines.

 5.   Post content in an improvised way: We all agree, messages on Facebook are ephemeral and this is particularly relevant for tweets or messages on Twitter. The chance is low that you read your tweet when you publish it to the world.

 6.   Too arrogant: People who talk too much about themselves are irritating. This also applies to companies and brands. Social network users will not follow brands that just talk about them.

7.   Fail to respond to both positive and negative comments: It’s good to respond to a negative comment about your brand, but this activity should not be preponderant. It’s also important to thank and reward people who speak positively about your brand.

 8.   Do not know where your audience is: As a business, you can have the most fantastic Twitter campaign, if you have not done any research, it may be that your target audience is on Pinterest. Do not waste your time renewing your profile without being sure that you are using the right platform to talk to your audience.

 9.   Start with the wrong tone: All social sites are not the same. A distant tone will scare away Facebook users. We do not come here to learn about company values ​​or news

 10. Too much money invested in a flash campaign: Engaging a lot of money in a big contest can get attention, but companies running these kinds of campaigns often do not have the time or money to maintain daily content and therefore to keep their commitments to their customers and of their fans.

 The brand image of the employer conquers the world of work: An employer aspires to only one thing: that one finds it sympathetic. This valuable feature will make it easy to attract talented candidates and motivated employees. Tom De Wachter, employer branding expert, helps organizations in their search for the right image. To do this, you need more than just an advertising slogan. “Customers will never like your business until your employees first love it, and that quote hangs over my bed,” laughs Tom De Wachter.

 A strong image of the company in four steps 

1. Make your employees proud

2. Give them a chance to tell their story

3. Awaken enthusiasm about your business

4. Accept new talent in your society






Junaid Ali Qureshi is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Progostech,, Smart, Progos Tech and eCig.

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